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How to make customers satisfied
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How to make customers satisfied

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  The so-called buying a car can not afford a car, even if the car is raised, it may not necessarily be a good one. Replacing auto parts is an important part of it. This year, it is not easy to change the car accessories. Nowadays, fakes are not only unrecognizable, but even if they are put together with the real ones for you to distinguish, if you do not master some skills, it is not estimated Well done. So let ’s talk about real and fake auto parts today。


  一:Original spare parts: Original spare parts refer to the spare parts produced by authorized auto parts companies authorized by the vehicle manufacturers. Most of these accessories will be printed with the trademarks and logos of the vehicle manufacturers, and are only available in the service channels of the vehicle manufacturers。

  二:Sub-factory accessories: Sub-factory accessories refer to accessories produced by enterprises that have not been authorized by vehicle manufacturers. It should be noted that the sub-factory accessories are produced by regular manufacturers, have independent brands, and product quality is also guaranteed. So everyone can understand that the genuine accessory parts are not fake and inferior products。

  三:Counterfeit and inferior accessories: In the auto parts market, a considerable portion of counterfeit and inferior accessories are described by merchants as sub-factory accessories. These counterfeit and inferior accessories are mostly products that counterfeit original and sub-factory accessories. In the workshop, the quality cannot be guaranteed。

  The above content isShuangju Auto PartsTo summarize the points for everyone, I hope to help everyone. Our company was originally engaged in the research and development of various types of fans and external rotor motors. Since 2007, it has entered the auto parts industry, and has cooperated with Dongfeng Yueda Kia, Volvo, Yanfeng Johnson, Dongfeng Lear, Yancheng Dayuan and other manufacturers. The company provides high-quality products for new and old customers based on the tenet that customers are God, quality is life, and service is guarantee.!

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