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How to improve product quality
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How to improve product quality

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  During maintenance, the maintenance staff will recommend the owner to purchase some auto parts. If you are willing to buy, you should learn to identify the authenticity, avoid buying inferior fakes, and worry about it。

  1.See if the trademark logo is complete。

  Genuine products are usually done very well from the beginning of the appearance, so you can check from the outer packaging to see whether the quality of the packaging is good, whether the product name and other handwriting are clear, whether the colors are bright, and there is no ghosting. The products inside will be of high quality。

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  2.See if there is any deformation。

  Some accessories may be deformed during manufacturing, transportation or storage. There are different methods for checking the deformation of different parts. For example, when inspecting shaft parts, you can roll them along the glass plate and observe whether there is light leakage at the place where it adheres to the glass plate. Phenomenon shows that there is no deformation, otherwise it is deformed。

  3.See if the joint is flat。

  In addition, in addition to the occurrence of deformation, during the transportation process, the joint of the parts may also be broken, which will also affect the use of the parts, so pay attention to check。

  4.See if there is rust on the surface of the part。

  The above content isShuangju Auto Parts To summarize the points for everyone, I hope to help you. Our company was originally a professional manufacturer engaged in the research and development of various fans and external rotor motors. Since 2007, it has entered the auto parts industry, and has cooperated with Dongfeng Yueda Kia, Volvo, Yanfeng Johnson, Dongfeng Lear, Yancheng Dayuan and other manufacturers. The company provides high-quality products for new and old customers with the tenet that customers are God, quality is life, and service is guarantee. New and old customers are welcome to visit us!

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